Mars Pro Laser RTK

The Mars Pro is an ultra-reliable GNSS receiver with a millimeter-level laser, enabling it to handle complex surveying tasks with unmatched precision, for example, in hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed, and dangerous fields. Mars Pro also features a sunlight-readable OLED color display for user-friendly, high-end operations. Breaking the usual constraints in land surveying, construction, and GIS, it is the go-to choice for professionals looking to elevate their work.

Laser Technology

Mars Pro is outfitted with a laser of millimeter-level precision, serving as a viable substitute for a range pole during staking out and measuring, specifically in areas where it's either unsafe or challenging for poles to access.

New K8 Platform

Equipped with the latest K8 platform, Mars Pro tracks 1668 channels for all running and existing constellations. Besides, new K8 platform has stronger computing capability and lower power consumption.

Enhanced OLED Display

The sunlight-readable OLED color screen visually displays crucial information such as the number of satellites detected, fixed state, and power. This clear display allows surveyors to handle all their operations on screen freely.

Strong Compatibility

As the compatibility of datalink, Mars Pro is compatible with mainstream brands, and supports various protocols, including Transparent/TT450S/SATEL/Trimtakl3/CHC/South, to reach wider users.

  • 1668 channels and 60+ satellites tracking capabilities
  • Tracking all running and planned constellations, including GPS, BDS-2, BDS-3, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS and SBAS
  • Up to 60°tilt with 2.5 cm accuracy
  • IP67 dust- and waterproof for harsh environments
  • Up to 20 hrs non-stop use
  • Enabling broader use through extensive protocol support, including Transparent/TT450S/SATEL/Trimtakl3/CHC/South
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    Mars Pro Laser RTK

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